Being strong

Is not a choice that you can make

Being strong is the ONLY choice you have

You have to be strong

If not, you will not survive

Once we instil the strength within us

The best next thing to do is

To let things fall into its proper place

Having the faith that everything has its place

Sooner or later

Or it seems forever

The truth will prevails

That what happens to us has a reason

And the reason was not obvious when it happened

It will become clearer when the wisdom just bestows upon us.

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New Year Old Me

2012 has just left us. We are in 2013. Some people use the new year to make a wish to change themselves to be better.

For me, we dont need to wait for a new year. We can improve ourselves on any day. It is a matter of choice. I am trying. I know i am not that a good person. But i believe I am not that bad either.

I think I come from the old school of thoughts which is I will only show my feelings to closed friends. But I find in this country, people use the public arena such as facebook, tweeter, instagram to lash their very private thoughts. Even the squabble between lovers, husband and wife, good friends are opened to their followers. Then when they come to their senses, they will delete their entries and will say “it is all a joke”. On the hindsight, some people enjoy such public scenes. It has become another kind of entertainment. Can i start laughing now? I think so .. Hihihi..

Anyway, we cant judge people by the way the react, can we ?


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Dream On

I don’t want to dream….I just want to do it….

I want to sing in the shower
I want to walk in the rain
I want the smell of summer
I want enjoy the sun on my face

Lets dance to that music
Lets have a feast

Lets fulfill our dreams…..

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Do what you believe

I remember when I was growing up, the urge to feel accepted by a certain group of friends was overwhelming. And I think that is pretty common to everyone. And it is also common that when we reach a certain age or a certain position, we start to be on our own, or to start our own circles of friends.

Now, I am glad to say that I maintain 3-4 different circles of friends. Each circle has different attitude, interest and view of life. Sometimes my friends would find me strange because I can hang out with totally opposite characters.

We can never satisfy everyone. We can never make everyone happy. But for us to make someone else happy, we must be happy with ourselves. We need to be sure that the first person that we please is us.

To put ourselves above the rest as if the rest does not matter sounds selfish isn’t it? More so if we say “I don’t care anymore, all I want to do is……”

Anyway, life is much simpler when we know who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe. Then everything else will fall into place.

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We can’t deny that a pretty face will attract our attention. We can’t deny that sometimes when we go for a job interview, a well groom person will have a better luck in getting a job. In a party, the chances are higher to get a new friend if we are a bit of a looker.

However, a pretty face does not guarantee anything. We need to take some time to know the real person underneath the face. I heard a saying before. Beauty is only a skin deep.

Actually the real beauty is not about having a pretty face. It is about a person who has a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.

I know when I found a beautiful friend, I will treasure her/him forever.

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An umbrella is unable to stop the rain
But the umbrella will allow us to stand in the rain without getting wet

Just like self-confidence
It will not bring us success
It will give us strength and courage
to face all challenges in life

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Just Show It

Not long ago I wrote about Honesty. Everyone agrees that it is the best policy which seldom being implemented. One of my friends advocated that the best way to maintain a relationship/friendship was always being honest, never to hide anything and always tell the truth between each other.

But the same friend breached the understanding of honesty. Why?

The first word came into mind is hypocrisy. How could someone preach one thing and do another? I actually google the word hypocrisy. According to Wiki, hypocrisy comes from the Greek word which means coward. Ha ! ha ! Ha! I think I can relate to that.

To tell someone the truth requires a lot of guts/strength. Not muscle strength but spirit strength. It is easier for us to just walk away and hope the person would understand our actions. It is easier for us to keep our mouth shut rather than saying something that may hurt another party. We assume this way is better than confronting the person with beautiful honesty.

For me, either way, looking into the eyes and telling the truth or walking away has almost the same impact on the recipient. Hurt.

But the first kind of hurt comes with respect and the latter is not. This is my opinion.

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Lets Us Be Happy

Lady Diana Spencer. I would be very surprised if anyone born before the year 2000 did not know her. She was the princess that millions of people loved or a better sentence would be, she is the only princess that loved by all until today. No other princess that is as popular as her. Maybe Kate Middleton…but that is a maybe…

I remember that day. Her wedding day to Prince of Wales. Everything about that day is still clear in my mind. Her wedding ceremony was a live telecast at 3pm Kuala Lumpur time. So my sister rushed all the errands that we needed to do for the day so that we could catch the show on time. I remember I was cursing under my breath as she rushed me from one point to another to complete all the tasks that our mother asked her to do. Being the younger sister, I had no choice but just to follow. Yes, we reached home perfectly before 3pm.
Throughout the ceremony, nothing escaped our eyes. Her face, her dress, her hair, everything. We just fell in love with her. She was the one that everyone wanted to be to a point that almost all hair salons were busy..Everyone wanted to have her hair style….

For me then, her life was a fairy tale came true. A normal shy girl, very shy indeed, married to a Prince…that soon to be King. Yes, a true princess…to live happily ever after..


Her life was far from happy. There were stories about her unhappiness. And the story never ends until today.
Being a commoner, many of us would think she would lead a perfect life. She had everything. She had beauty, she was rich, she had a Prince as a husband, she had 2 beautiful sons, she lived in a big castle, she didn’t have to look at dirty laundry or dirty dishes. She could eat the best food, order the best dresses, the best shoes, designers’ handbags, you named it, she would have it .. the world was at her fingertips…

But reality is not like what we think. Happiness is not when we have everything. We may be poor, our house roof may not protect us from rain. We may eat chicken once a week. Our stockings may have holes. Our partner may not be rich and good looking. Nonetheless, deep inside, we are still happy. At the end of the day, happiness is when whatever circumstances we are in, we have the love to keep us going. That special love which is the love for ourselves and knowing that there is a special Being that looks after us. Everything will fall into place. It just will. So we just have to be ourselves. Lets you be you, and me be me, as long as we are happy.

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Make It Good

Every day we are tested with the trials of life. Either we succumb to it or we overcome it. That is the decision we need to make on our own. As an adult, we usually think that we have gain enough experience to make a wise decision. We would think that we are capable of thinking or analyse all angles of the problem before we take our stand on the decision. But sometimes we are clouded with the emotions that we have carried from our experience. As a result, the decision/solution that we take may be slanted to the emotions that we carry at that moment in time.

Kids on the other hand, will make a decision based on that moment in time. They have no experience to relate to and have no capacity to think beyond what in front of them. They usually will take chances on the decision they make. It may be interesting to look at, and may be it has interesting taste too. So, at that point in time, they would take that “whatever” in their hands and put them in their mouth. Or they would be jumping up and down happily if they are granted with the toys of their dream. Life is that simple.

Here we are, adults, making the same mistake over and over again. Not taking a good opportunity in front of us because we are clouded with the problems elsewhere. We cannot feel the coolness of the air when the rain pours. All we can see is the water puddles on the street which make our shoes dirty.

But as kids, we are sure to take that chance. We would jump right into those puddles and watch the water fly and splash ! It would be an achievement if we can make a big splash. After all that, it would be just perfect to have a cup of hot chocolate top with marshmallows…Yum Yum !!

Yeah, the life we lead depends on us to make good out of our miserable circumstances we are in. If we wait for the time when everything is all good and well, we may miss the fun we would have had.

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White Lies – Forgive and Forget

I think everyone would know the story of Pinocchio. He is a naughty, pine-wood marionette whose nose will grow every time he tells a lie and it will shrink once he tells the truth. He actually gains wisdom through a series of misadventures which lead him to becoming a real human as reward for his good deeds.

I wonder if the Fairy Godmother casts a spell like Pinocchio on all of us for 24 hours, how the world would be ? How many would actually NOT growing our noses within the 24 hours ? Thinking about it makes me smile.

Every day we have been telling “white” lies. Everyone tells a white lie on occasion, it’s just a question of why.

Most people, even those who insist they would never tell a lie, have told a white lie. White lies are the little, untruthful things we say in an effort to save someone’s feelings, to avoid a trivial but sticky situation, or simply to be polite.

Some white lies save relationships, some ease a hectic situation, and others buy us time. The list could go on forever. Stretching the truth is a natural component of human instinct because it’s the easy way out. We all do it, so there is no reason to deny it. Honestly, I think the world is probably a better place because of our white lies.

As long as we aren’t hurting others or breaking the law, these innocent lies can make life more pleasant.
Does it mean we are a born liar? Not sure of that though. I like the movie Liar Liar. Every one of us can feel the pain when it is so difficult to tell the truth sometimes.

In Malaysia, Hariraya AidilFitri which will be celebrated on this Sunday is a time for forgive and forget. During this celebration, Muslims will greet one another with “maaf zahir dan batin” , which means “Forgive my physical and emotional (wrongdoings)”, because Aidil Fitri is not only for celebrations but also a time for atonement: to ask for forgiveness for sins which we may have committed but was cleansed as a result of the fasting in the month of Ramadan. Usually it is a custom for the young ones to kiss the hands of the elders in the family when they ask for forgiveness.

So every year, this is a good time to ask our friends, families, to forgive all our white lies. Good isn’t it? The youngster will say “okay, now we zero-zero” which means that they are now starting from zero until the next Hariraya.

So for all Muslims, I wish you Selamat Hariraya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin. Zero-Zero !

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